epa08725789 People gather outside Athens' courthouse, as they wait for the verdict of the trial of the ultra-right party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi), in Athens , Greece, 07 October 2020. The verdict in the trial of the ultra-right party Golden Dawn - a trial unprecedented on a global scale in recent history - is due to be announced by an Athens Criminal Appeals Court. With its ruling, the court is called on to decide whether the accused are guilty or not guilty of forming a criminal organisation and to provide an answer to an issue of critical legal and social importance, which will have a profound impact on the present and future, regarding a political party that was elected to the Greek and European parliaments in three separate elections. Based on the charges, Golden Dawn was a criminal organisation that had the legal form of a party and enjoyed enhanced constitutional protection as a result. EPA/ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU

Alba Dorata è una ‘organizzazione criminale’

Il leader di Alba Dorata, Nikólaos Michaloliákos, “è a capo di una organizzazione criminale”: lo ha dichiarato il Tribunale di Atene al processo che ha tra l’altro condannato un membro del partito neonazista greco per l’omicidio di un rapper antifascista di 34 anni avvenuto nel 2013.

Circa Redazione


Indi Gregory è morta nella notte. Il padre: “Affranti e pieni di vergogna”

Indi Gregory è morta nella notte. Lo ha annunciato a LaPresse Dean Gregory, il padre …

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